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Grattan Literary League Worksheet
 A Personal Book Critique


1)     Which character did you most identify with? Why?








2)     Did any character have more of an effect on you than the others? Why?









3)     Did you think the characters were believable? Why or why not?








4)      Which event did you feel was most important in the book? Why?








5)     If you could change anything about the book what would it be?







6)     Did you feel the ending was appropriate to the book? Did it stay true to the plot and the characters?         







7)      How is this book comparable to others you have read?









8)     After reading this book do you feel compelled to read others by this author?


          To print out questions.


  • click your mouse
  • highlight worksheet
  • leave highlighted 
  • click on file from toolbar
  • select print from menu
  • click selection in print control box
  • click print

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